Welcome to www.photohouse-berlin.com!

Here is a virtual photo-house in the sky to exhibit pictures created by the webmaster during last decades.

A picture is worth thousands of words. Photography is one of the most influential media for making people aware of facts about our living world which they might not otherwise be able to see for themselves.

There are seven Show Rooms in the house to present photos of different categories of subjects.

Besides the photo-show, some materials about our photo-lab are presented too.

This is the 3rd version of this website. Mainly, information about our digital photo-lab was added to former version (V.2, 2011).

What might be of great significance are the following two points in this new version of our web site:

    1. The  5800K  was selected as a reference white color for digital color management workflow.  In my  

        knowledge, this seemed a new concept in the field of digital photography. It was practiced  in our lab with 


    2. A new idea constructing the computer case was disclosed.

The contents in this website will be completed gradually in future versions.

Some of our pictures are also presented in the website of  Fine Art America. If you are interested in ordering art works, please visit: http://art-perling.artistwebsites.com/.

You may contact us via email: contact@photohouse-berlin.com

Thank you for your visit! 

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